New Quebec Regulations and ECO-FEES for mercury-containing lamps recycling program

The Quebec Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises obligates all “brand owners/first suppliers” of mercury-containing lamps (including manufactures, distributors and retailers) to either operate or be a member of an approved program to recover and reclaim end-of-life mercury-containing lamps in Quebec.
Product Care Association (PCA) has been chosen by the lighting industry to manage our obligations and has finalized an agency agreement in June with RECYC-QUÉBEC, the oversight agency in Quebec for product stewardship programs.  Product Care is a non-profit association registered in Quebec under the name Association des Producteurs Responsables (APR) and as such, has implemented a “recovery and reclamation system” for mercury-containing lamps on behalf of its members, pursuant to the Regulation. Any enterprise that is obligated under the Regulation is invited to join the Product Care program in order to satisfy the requirements of the Regulation.
Product Care’s recycling program was launched in Quebec on July 14, 2012, however, collection of fees is delayed until October 1, 2012 for the replacement lamp market, and July 14, 2013 for lamps integrated into fixtures.

Regulation requirements:
The program will be funded by “eco-fees” applied to the sale or supply of new mercury-containing lamps in the province of Quebec on a per-unit sold basis. These fees will be paid to PCA/APR by the program members (manufacturers, distributors, retailers etc).
MERCOR must ensure that all obligated parties comply with this new regulation, and non-members will see the new eco-fees added, when applicable, to their invoices for orders placed as of October 1st, 2012.

Eco-Fees for Quebec will be as follows:

Lamp category Typical Size              Eco-Fee/unit
Fluorescent tubes (=<2 feet) 2 feet $0.30
Fluorescent tubes (=<4 feet) 4 feet $0.50
Fluorescent tubes (4<=8 feet) 8 feet $1.00
Fluorescent tubes (CFL) CFL $0.20
Metal Halides, Mercury Vapour, etc. All $1.10

For more information on this legislation and program, please consult these websites:


A new wonderful addition to the Mercor family

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Isabelle Hartmann to our Mercor family.
She is bringing with her 15 years of solid experience in the lighting industry in sales support, lighting calculations and renderings (using the latest AGI32 software) to help us achieve a new level of assistance to our retail and property management clientele: She will help in optimizing their results and offer an added value to your projects.
Isabelle will start in her new position immediately, and she will be working closely with all our business units.

Isabelle Hartmann pic