Did you know…?

As a Top 5 partner of Hydro-Quebec’s and Ontario Hydro’s subsidy programs, Mercor is authorized to get you any “Hydro Rebates” in Canada you would be entitled to. With seasoned professionals and lighting experts to guide you in making the right choice of light source and materials, both for your specific tasks and for maximizing your returns and rebates, you are in good hands for any lighting and energy-savings project.

As Canada’s largest independent distributor with access to all major brands and their latest products and technologies, Mercor is a solution provider with all the right answers to cover your lighting needs. But did you know: Mercor will do all the work – from calculating light output to lamp counts and wattage savings reports – and fill out all the paperwork for the Hydro rebates for you, at NO CHARGE?!

With over 15 realized major eco-energy projects under our belts, which have been subsidized by Hydro’s rebate programs, and over 1,5 GWh in overall energy savings for our clients, we bring our expertise to you, at no extra cost, to drive substantial energy-saving results, better visual comfort and productivity, and excellent ROI. No need to research products and work overtime to comply with the maze of Hydro rebate programs when you have a trusted lighting supplier and partner to match the right solutions to your needs that is just a phone call away – No Charge, No Sweat!



LED lighting in parking garages : quick & easy improvements and paybacks!

Property owners and managers need to constantly look for ways to improve their premises to enhance their building to attract and keep their clients. For all improvement projects, the owner must weigh the capital costs versus the benefits: in most cases, the ROI is medium-to-long term and benefits are often just aesthetic or marginal. That is why the results by changing inefficient lighting to new solutions, such as LED fixtures or lightbulbs, is so attractive! The return is usually within a year or two, based solely on savings from the much lower energy bills, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg: factor in the nearly zero maintenance costs over the long life of the LED lamps or fixtures (usually 5+ years), plus the often very generous utility company’s or government’s rebate programs, and these typical returns are in months, not years! Then add the benefits of better light and visibility for added safety and comfort, and you’ve got yourself a WIN-WIN proposition that you can’t overlook.

Mercor has a large array of solutions for LED retrofitting or lamp replacement projects for all your property needs, but parking garages (often lit 24 hours a day) are a particularly good target for building enhancements and quick savings that are both easy to achieve and improve the premise’s environment. The resulting savings are easily quantifiable, and often can help finance further relamping or retrofitting projects in other parts of the building to further increase the economic impact of these upgrades.

The net effect for the owner is a high quality, safer and more comfortable environment that supports revenue and income streams – while significantly reducing recurring maintenance and overhead costs – geared to achieve a Class A and environmentally-friendly space.

In lighting, pictures are worth a thousand words: the old HID lighting system (bottom floor) is yellow and inefficient, while the new LED lighting on the upper floor of the parking garage provides brighter, whiter light AND uses 65% less power!