Mercor Lighting listed on REMI Resource Guide

As part of our on-going commitment to the Property Management market, Mercor Lighting has joined the REMI resource guide. As part of their portfolio, we are making ourselves visible through the various publications within REMI Resource – (1) Canadian Property Management, (2) Canadian Apartment Magazine, (3) CondoBusiness, (4) Canadian Facility Management & Design, (5) Building Strategies & Sustainability, (6) Construction Business and (7) Design Quarterly.  (Click on the link below to see more about Mercor Lighting)

July 2013 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we are now members of the Electrical Council

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July 2013 Edition

The Electrical Council Welcomes New Members

Electrical Council – Distributor
Mercor Lighting 

mercorMercor Lighting is a leading independent supplier of  lighting in Canada. The company takes a  SOLUTION-BASED APPROACH to working with their clients to address the supply of any lighting requirements, lighting design, energy retrofit solutions — with an emphasis on strong lighting credentials and experience. Mercor Lighting has offices in both Montreal and Toronto and has over 40 employees. For more information, visit The EFC official representative is Eric Tordjman.